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Do you like money?

Do you like money?Well you can’t afford to make decisions solely on budget… you find yourself doing things your staff should be doing?Do you find yourself often having to redo work completed by your team?Do you work to be reviewed by you that keep repeating on your task list? Ready to get your business more …

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CEOs Move Differently

Which CEO are you?Are you a task rabbit or an octopus?Real CEOs move differently. of having a never ending list of repeat items on your task list?Ready to get your business more organized and ready to scale?Are you ready to make more  money while cutting your work time in half?Connect with Erika or a …

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Add ONE HOUR to your day!

Have you ever wondered how you can squeeze at least one more hour in your workday? With all the hats you wear and the roles you play, if you could get just gain ONE MORE HOUR each day that would be great right? In this video, I share one of the major things entrepreneurs fail …

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