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 Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day?


Do you ever find yourself surrounded by workers or consultants that are more after a paycheck than truly understanding and supporting your vision?

Do you ever feel like the consultants or coaches you hire just want to put you in a box or apply to your vision their cookie-cutter formula?


Do you ever feel like you have to separate aspects of your vision and can’t see how to connect all of the dots?


Do you know that God has called you to entrepreneurship but not sure how to fully accelerate your Big Business Vision?



We are not talking about the small trinket kind of ideas that have floated whimsically in your mind..

We are referring to the BIG BUSINESS VISION that you know God keeps bringing back to your mind over and over again.

It is that vision that you have more than likely had for years but just didn’t know how you were going to pull it all off, but you have at least started somewhere and currently operate a fragment of that vision today.

But even still, what you have implemented is just that –
a fragment of your big vision.
This has bugged you time and time again because your vision is so much bigger than what currently exists.

You have been trying some of everything to make it happen.

Before now..…

You have read and downloaded hundreds of business e-books to help you grow your business leaving you with more questions than answers.

You have become a master student of YouTube and Google as you look for solutions to manifest your business vision faster to result in frustration and information overload.

You have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in various business memberships, courses and coaching programs that were supposed to be the “magic pill” to propel your business but felt like you were just put into a cookie-cutter “program” to operate your vision like everyone else.

You have invested in branding and then rebranding and even some digital marketing leaving you with a lot of fluff and pretty “things” but yet your business vision hasn’t fully manifested as you believe it should.

You may even have a list of software subscriptions that you thought would help you get better organized and save time in your business only to discover that you have so many tools that you’re not even really using.

You have hired consultants, coaches, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, publicists and many other experts to help you while you yet feel like the overall progress was not as significant as you would have hoped.

You have attended conferences and other events with great hopes of accomplishing so much more than you did. Some may have even helped you but you’re still way behind in comparison to the vision God has given you.

After trying numerous things, you are now at the point where you feel like it’s just overall better if you do a lot for yourself because if it is going to be done right, you should do it.


This is one of the BIGGEST MYTHS ever! DIY-everything is not the route to go.


The problem is that you are a VISIONARY but you ain't operating like one.

Say that with me — VISIONARY!!!!!

VISIONARIES often get frustrated when the intricate progress of a vision is not manifesting like they envisioned it as the pace they envisioned.

VISIONARIES don’t want to be dealing with all the details if they don’t have to. They just want to see the vision given birth so they can continue to nurture and lead it.

The problem is that VISIONARIES often try to wear other hats that they were never meant to wear long-term if at all, only delaying or hindering the birthing process of their BIG VISION.

What the most successful coaches and consultants realize is that they are Visionaries that must move differently to birth their vision else the vision suffers.


This is not your typical skim the surface, cookie-cutter, powerpoint presentation experience. Everything we do together is meant for you to TAKE ACTION on immediately so that after each session you walk away with steps for the progression of your big business vision. If you’re looking for something like what you’ve experienced before, THIS AIN’T IT!

In The Vision Accelerator Mastermind...

I am sharing with you EVERYTHING I wish someone would have told me BEFORE my first 5 years in business that has taken me 20+ years to acquire.

Weekly Virtual

Experience weekly intentional progress towards accelerating your specific vision no matter how occupied your schedule is. These check-ins provide you with the accountability and clear specific instructions you need to help you stay in a mode of progression.

Vendor Guide

List of well vetted high quality vendors and resources to help you further your vision without all the trial and error.
This is an annually updated list of software, tools, consultants and various resources that we have used over the years.

Your Big Vision

Confidently communicate your big vision to enhance your communications, marketing and better identify the best resources that are best aligned to propel your vision forward now.

Business Resource

We have curated a collection of business resources, templates and documents to help save you time and increase productivity. There's no more need to google everything. If you need it, we likely have access to it.

Vision Accelerator
Road Map

Complete a full business assessment to recognize the gaps in your business vision and how to fill them. You will also create a 90-day action plan to aggressively pursue your goals with ease.

Simplify & Automate
Your Vision

Identify and gain guidance in implementing the best systems for your specific business that will work well with your individual flow and culture.

Tech Tools to Automate Your Business

Identify the key tools needed to automate your business that flows best with your method of leadership and brand culture for improved marketing, day to day management and workflow.

The CEO's Planner

Create a daily strategy that will help you boost your productivity and profits while fully walking in alignment with the prosperity and promises of God. A copy of The CEO's Planner is included.

Monthly Accelerator Session

Live group session with The Vision Accelerator herself, Erika McMillon. Get hands-on assistance during this live zoom session where you ask any questions you have to get the answers you need to accelerate your vision.

Fast Track
Accelerator Session

Exclusive 1-hour private zoom with The Vision Accelerator herself, Erika McMillon. During this session we will perform an assessment of your vision, current state of your business/organization to identify the immediate gaps and opportunities to addressed to help you expedite your path in hitting your goals faster.

Vendor Guide

List of well vetted high quality vendors and resources to help you further your vision without all the trial and error.
This is an annually updated list of software, tools, consultants and various resources that we have used over the years.

Business Resource

In our 20+ years of business, we have curated a collection of business resources, templates and documents to help save you time and increase productivity. There's no more need to google everything. If you need it, we likely have access to it.

Hear from some of our clients...

I Operate Like a CEO

Over the last several years, I have worked with Erika assisting me with putting automation and systems in place to scale my business. With her guidance, I have been able to increase the profitability of my business. Her coaching has given me a different mindset; she teaches business owners to operate as a CEO. She and her team go above and beyond the call of duty to help us to build and grow our companies. I have gained so much confidence because she continually pushes me to grow and expand to the next level. She is very knowledgeable and professional.

– C’Ella Walker, A1 Bookeeping & Tax Services

Strategies with Results

The Next Level Launch Experience was what I needed to help give me direction with my business processes. I didn’t realize how much of an impact automation has on helping me to free up time to focus more on money generating activities. The reality check and strategies Erika gives helped me to grow my business. If you implement what she teaches you will see results too.

– Samanda Marshall-Sawyer, The Entreprayneur

Rockstar Experience!

Erika is a Rockstar! She has been managing my website for over 5 years. I love working with her because she has keen insight into what I personally need as a business owner. She is very attentive and passionate about helping entrepreneurs win! Not to mention if you have an escalated issue, Erika and her team work expeditiously to get everything handled! Erika and her team will forever be a part of my tea. If you want structure and success, you MUST work with Erika and her team. 

– Dr. Christi Monk-Andrews,

Erika is a Strategic Genius!

Erika has a way of asking just the right questions to bring out your vision. Not only is she and her staff able to help you deep dive into your business, they also know how to bring your vision to life. Erika’s process helps you to uncover the hidden things that you would have missed if you would have just provided your vision to the average consultant. The AKIRE Company is all about using their expertise and skilled abilities of their management team and staff to provide you with a product that you will not only be proud of, but that you will be beyond amazed with the end results. 

– Karena Altice,  Prime Solutions

Exceptional Experience!

Working with Erika has been an exceptional experience. Her wisdom and expertise in developing a lasting product that meshes excellence and automation together is what every entrepreneur needs. 

– Felix Anderson,  WYSSU Global

We Loved Every Moment!

My team and I have loved every moment of working with The AKIRE team. Their patience, dedication and expansion of our vision has allowed us to build an onboarding system, website and a digital reflection of our community and transformational experiences.

– Christal Brown,  Life Steps and Stages Coaching

Meet Erika

Erika McMillon is an automation and systems guru and founder of The AKIRE Company LLC. As the quintessential business strategist for “been-there-done-that” consultants, powerhouse coaches, creatives, and industry experts, she is known for helping service-based entrepreneurs automate and scale their business with zero stress, headaches, or frustration.

Crowned the “Queen of Automation,” Erika has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to generate automatic revenue on repeat, free up their schedules and streamline their processes so that they can scale their businesses, all without spending hours on end working “in” their businesses.

She brings to every engagement, a tech-savvy, detail-oriented, thorough coaching style combined with a business partner mindset.

Known as the Visionary’s Visionary and the Olivia Pope of next-level launches, Erika does not merely deliver strategic system blueprints and techniques, leaving her clients to figure it out on their own. Instead, she steps in and does what is needed to get “ish” DONE! Her superpowers lie in executing her proven B.A.R. launch method, which involves brand positioning, automation, and revenue-boosting. Erika’s fail-proof technique and undeniable expertise in consulting, project management, business technology, web application development and more, are why influencers and well-known coaches and consultants hire her to serve as the brains behind their service launches.

An entrepreneur from the age of 6, Erika’s self-made journey has led to a multitude of lucrative opportunities, such as working at some of the largest companies in the United States, including NASA, Wells Fargo, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin and more. And while she is the master of systems and automation, she is also super proud of her role as a mom and her ability to build and maintain a business that always puts God first. Automating and scaling service-based business can be stressful. But not when you have Erika by your side.

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